Hey there, I'm JodieVee.

I’ve always been athletic but found myself physically and emotionally drained after a major life change and raising my two children. At age 44, I decided things had to change and I actively pursued a plan to get my life and strength back. In 2011, I hired my first online coach and everything changed.

My Story


When I returned to fitness, I set out with a desire to grow stronger. But, the whole endeavor changed my entire life. I learned more than how to be fit

— I learned how to live and I changed my body by changing my mind.

Finally, I had a coach to give me the right tools and materials to build a fit body and a healthy lifestyle. I discovered a nutrition plan that fed my goals both in and out of the gym; a periodized training plan to gain strength, and a guide to break barriers and help me see beyond myself.

I love my life because I now have freedom from body bondage. This wasn’t a quick fix and it wasn’t something I did alone - but I’ve created a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

 Since 2011, I’ve competed as a natural figure athlete, placing Top 3 in both Open and Masters categories with the SNBF and NANBF. But more importantly, I’ve found total health for my whole self by returning to a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

 Today, here at AGING STRONG LIFE, I guide women just like you on a journey to being your best self, inside and out. I have the tools you need to build your own healthy lifestyle, and a passion to help you change your mindset, and nurture your spirit, all while you change your body.

Are you ready to ask questions, change your mindset, and find a life and body you love? Let’s take the journey together.

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